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The cookware tailored to you

Crafted with precision

knife anatomy


With a 17-degree angle, the blade is slightly shortened in length and features a wider horizontal safety cover.

safety guard

Protects consumers during assembly and can be used before storing knives. The safety guard is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

pinch guard

Promoting safe knife handling with the 'pinch technique'. It securely holds the blade in place and extends protection to prevent finger contact.


Our blade design is created to connect to the magnet of the handle for additional safety.


Our magnets are placed on the interior surface of both sides of the two handles to make the knife secure.


Our handle is slightly shorter than your average knife. Our design has curves, slopes, and indentations that fit comfortably with the hand position used during cooking.

Explore The Cardinal Collection

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Make It Yours

Different sizes, Different colors

Customize your Cardinal knife for your perfect experience. Mix colors, handles, and blades to connect with your creativity. Share comfort with family and friends: the Cardinal knife makes everyone comfortable and creative.

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